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Clinical Psychodrama
Weekend Workshop

For Treatment of PTSD, Anxiety and Grief

Psychodrama is generally accepted as a group psychotherapeutic intervention. However, it is readily applicable to one on one clinical settings. As such clinical psychodrama within a mood of creativity and spontaneity assists clients to explore their confronting and fearful experiences, while at the same time provide for containment and safety. Other methods can readily be incorporated into this safe controlled and creative setting. For instance: EMDR, Art Therapy and Narrative Therapy. The common psychodramatic thread throughout this approach utilises elements such as: exploration; development of multiple perspectives; transformation; specialness; re-definition of individual stories; role development; symbolism; originality; body awareness; externalisation; and the resolution of intra-psychic conflict.
While PTSD, anxiety and grief will form a major focus, participants will be encouraged to put forward other areas of interest. For example, transgenerational trauma, dream work, abuse and relationships. The workshop will be substantially experiential and include presentations and demonstrations.


41 Donna Buang Street
Camberwell, Victoria

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