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Interweave Workshop

An Introduction to Australia of this Combined Approach

EMDR is a powerful new tool for helping people to heal and relate to themselves more completely. This approach may be applied to an amazing array of human difficulties yielding rapid and successful outcomes. Through successive trials of eye movement people can change self destructive believes, reduce painful emotional and somatic symptoms, for instance, depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, phobia and grief.
Whereas EMDR is a highly systemised and structured method, Psychodrama – a powerful approach in its own right – relies on spontaneity and creativity to help people develop and heal. Both approaches switched at the appropriate time can maximise intrapsychic conflict resolution, facilitate catharsis and integration and transform impasse into healthy solutions.
The workshop will include presentations, demonstrations and practice. There will be the opportunity for participants to share their counselling and therapeutic work in order to explore how EMDR/Psychodrama interweave may best assist their clients.


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